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Loyalty Program

Do you know how to estimate the cost of business? Yes! off-course you are doing business since a long time, but have you any plan to retain your old customer and motivate new to become your client, Yes definitely you have, but we have one more that will work for you i.e “Loyalty Program” Loyalty Program is a customer engagement plan in this we offers some points as rewards and they can redeem them in to cash or other type of goods, its totally depends upon you what you are offering. So, its time, the businesses need to think about what they are doing to keep their customers coming back to their business, and customer loyalty program is a customer's willingness to buy from or work with a brand again and again, and it's the result of a positive customer experience, customer satisfaction, and the value of the products or services the customer gets from the transaction.

What We Do

Market Research Solutions

Market Research solutions help in the company’s services like data collection, project management, analysis of data, therefore, these services make work easier and are also helpful. It is very important in any business. So if needed you can contact us as we work tirelessly in order to satisfy the requirements and needs of our clients.

Sales Data Analytics

Sales data analysis helps you to by providing data and through that one can analyze the activities of the salesperson. With the help of this analyses the data, you can know about the profit or loss of business, department etc so that you can know about the areas which need improvement. For data analyses, one can contact us as we teach some marketing tactics and even sales techniques in order to prevent loss.

Syndicated Research Solutions

If you want to gather any information about market, industry or any company at cheap rates and within a short period of time then Syndicated Research Solution is the best one who will help you in market research. Therefore we help you to find the best research as per your need and requirement.

Demand/Supply data Visualization

Demand/supply data visualization is very essential in making marketing plans, forecasting, budget. It is a tool which helps in production planning, manufacturing, and control. This helps in coordinating of marketing efforts which helps a customer to know the position of demand and supply of any product or goods. We provide charts for effective visualization.

Plan Future Verticals

Plan Future Verticals helps you to know that where are you at present and want to be in future, the things in which you have to focus on is Technology, Strategies, Experts, Suggestion and should create a DR (disaster plan) plan which will not only prevents data breaches but also helps in promoting long- term business growth.

Plan Marketing Strategy

It is commonly said that A Smart marketing plan begins with a smart strategy. So it is a very important and the very first part of the marketing business without these two business goals cannot be achieved.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Business decisions are mainly concerned with customer behavior. Customer Behavior analysis not only is helpful to understand customers but also reach them and to find the ways to better serves them as per their need and requirement. We have analysts, engineers, and scientists who can prepare any diverse data very accurately.

Production Volumes

Product volume of any products or goods is directly proportional to manufacturing cost, as more of the units are produced the lesser is the manufacturing cost and vice versa. Therefore you can make more profits from the production of more goods and services. We give you tailor-made solutions with tracking software which can help you to produce large production volumes which help to keep the cost under control.

Cloud Data Hosting

Cloud data hosting services have been in great demand in present times because of the large number of benefits that it offers to the perspective customers .Nowadays a large number organizations are not required to maintain dedicated servers for storing data as it can nowadays easily be stored with cloud storage service providers. We provide efficient cloud date hosting services at extremely reasonable prices.

Customer Relationship Analysis (CRA)

Customer Relationship Analysis helps to build a healthy and long-term connection between organizations and its customers. It acts as a tool for a company as it analyses data and share information about customers and helps in increasing revenues from key account customers. We provide complete training solutions and user-friendly tools for real-time analysis of customer relationships.

Warehouse Forecasting

As we know that warehouse simply means dealing with whatever is being ordered in huge quantity. The product which is in demand by the customers is mostly stored in a warehouse. Therefore warehouse forecasting helps to know the future environment so that goods and products can be the warehouse to fulfill the need and requirements for any product which will be in demand in the coming days.

QR Code Based Loyalty Program Software

QR code based loyalty program software is an innovative concept in the customer retention process. For this we design QR code and from backend we provide it some value and for its redemption we develop a mobile app that needs to be install in smart phone to scan that QR code and get the points value in the wallet. Here business owner can credit the money in the bank account of that person in lieu of those points or can give vouchers to purchase from online - offline malls.

Also, we provide an admin panel to our client from where they can check the redemption status, values assigned and other important data like email id, mobile number, name and location so that this information can be used for the further products promotion.

What We offer

Loyalty Program

We offer great loyalty programs to help you retain customers and build your business retain customers and build your business

Customer Campaign Analysis

Our Program is designed in such a way that we analyze the campaign time to time and provide complete report.

Sale Person Geo-location

Using this feature you can track your sales person’s live exact location. Also we maintain report and record for the geo-location of sales person.


Our program is equipped with dynamic dashboard which shows all information to the user and Admin.

Brand Survey Planning

Smart marketers use online branding surveys to determine their brand power—which is your brand’s value as determined by consumers’ positive

Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support feature allows you to use different, translated versions of your Support Centre content for 53 different languages.

Forecasting Strategy

Strategic forecasting uses historical data on sales of a product or service, and makes predictions about the trend of future sales to create an estimate of future demand.

Wallet/Virtual Payment

In general, though, a virtual wallet (also sometimes called an e-wallet) is a transformation in the way you pay for things.

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